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All Type Of Top Unique WhatsApp Status Quotes Like Love, Funny, Attitude And Sad

All Type Of Top Unique WhatsApp Status Quotes Like Love, Funny, Attitude And Sad

All Type Of Top Unique WhatsApp Status Quotes Like Love, Funny, Attitude And Sad

Hey guys! Do you like WhatsApp Status? If you like Whatsapp status then you have come to the right Site. You will get all kinds of Whatsapp status of your choice here. In this article, you will get unique and great Whatsapp status like
  1. Love Status 
  2. Sad Status 
  3. Funny Status 
  4. Attitude Status 
  5. WhatsApp Videos

WhatsApp Status

If you like WhatsApp status. Then do you know what is Whatsapp status? This feature is similar to Snapchat's Stories feature. WhatsApp status will show contacts for 24 hours based on the privacy settings of the user.

This feature allows users to share photos, GIFs or videos, pictures or captions. According to WhatsApp, the status will be end-to-end encrypted like other communications on the messaging service. Users can upload a video with a duration of 45 seconds and the videos play automatically. With the help of the view counter, you can see the number of people who have seen your WhatsApp status.
However, this feature is still not available on the WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Status - Love Status Quotes

Love WhatsApp Status

Take Me to Your Ocean Blue
To Gaze Upon The Sea With You
To Drift Away And Waste The Day
Chasing The Sun, As It Fades Away
Take me To Your Ocean Blue
For There's Nothing More I'd Rather Do
Than Gaze Upon The Sea With You
Watching The Stars
Isn't As Lovely
As Gazing into
The Galaxies
In Your Eyes
Most Scary Part About Love Is, We Never Know If It's Real Or Fake
When I Say I Love You
I Mean It Through And Through
So Please Don't Say I Love You Unless You Really Do 
Your Smile Like The Sun
But Laugh Like The Rain
You Sound Like A Lovesong
Tinged With Words Of Regret.
And I Feel Your Slipstream
Running Down Back
Like A Renegade Highway
Cutting Through The Desolation
With Miles And Miles To Go
Before Your Awakening 
If The Sea Is Infinite
You Are The Ocean To Me 

I Used  To Think Kindness
Meant Being Nice
But Now I Think It Means
Telling The Truth In Love ~ Narine Ashnalikyan
I Wish I Could Turn Myself
Into A Paper Airplane,
Fly Into Your Heart
And Stay There ~ Narine Ashnalikyan
The Greatest Love Begins
With Forgiveness ~ Narine Ashnalikyan
What Is Love..?
The Person You Miss The
Most When Everyone Is Around.
WhatsApp love Status
I Still Love You
I Love You So Much
I Love You Always
And Especially I Already Know
That I Will Love You Forever  
I Am The Happiest Person In This World
When I'm With You
When I Look In Your Eyes,
Everything Else Becomes
Invaluable ~ Essa Sulaiman

You're That Same Old Song
I Keep Playing On Repeat
But Never Get Tired Of.
Drip By Drip
Lying Down In Your Arms
While Your Warmth Encompasses Me
As Time Ticks Away
Drip By Drip
Tick By Tick
Just Like How People Smoke Knowing
It Can Kill Them, I love You Knowing
It Can Kill Me. 

WhatsApp Status - Sad Status

Sad WhatsApp Status

I Think You Would Stay
But Even You Walked Away
Creating Memories Were Easy
And Now I Die Every Day Erasing It
The Distance Between Us
Became So Strong
That When You Left
I Barely Noticed ~ Solis

Some Word Cut In Too Deep, To Forgive Or Forget.
You Felt Like Love,
But Tasted Like Pain.
I'd Rather Be Alone Than Be Lonely With Someone ~ Arch Hades 
We Are All broken, Trying To Mend Ourselves
Wishing TO Survive This Hell
Sometimes You Have To Make
A Decision That Will Break Your
Heart ut Will Give Peace To Your Soul
I've Died So Many Times
In The Name Of Love
Yet I Yearn For Taste
Of Feeling Alive Again
I'm Not A Guitar,
To Have Strings Attached,
And Played At your Tune.
Even Sun Can't Shine All Day
People Do Not Die From Suicide
They Die From
That One Hope To Be With You
Has Killed All My Hopes And Still Hasn't Died.

When I Think About You
I Hope You Think About Me Too,
So It's A Bit Like Being Together
I Can't Stay Here And Blame
Everyone, It's Time To Move On
Looking Happy Has
Becomes More Important
Than Being Happy 
And Sometimes That
Sadness Gets So Deep
In Your Heart, That
You Can't Even Cry. 
It's Sad To See People Who Gave You
So Much To Remember, Forget You 
I'm Drowning Into Sadness Over And Over Again,
Pull Me Out Of My Misery
So I Can Experience What It Feels Like To Live Again. 

WhatsApp Status - Funny Status

Funny WhatsApp Status

A Poem About Myself:
I'm Always Fucking Hungry,
The End.
Roses Are Red
Violets Are blue
You Should Already Know This
But They're Just Not Into You.
Love Is A Lesson
You Are The Teacher
I Am Absolutely Lastbancher.
No One Texts Faster Than A Pissed Off Girl.
If I Could Time Travel,
I'd Go Back To The Moment
Before We First Met
And Punch Myself
In The Face A Million Times
Because That Would Feel Better
Than Knowing You Again.
You Made Me
When We Were Supposed To Be
Once Open A Time
Tomato Complimented Potato
And Potato Blushed Like Tomato

WhatsApp Status- Attitude Status

Attitude WhatsApp Status

Everything I Fall At, I Grow From

Love Is Easy, But King Is Busy
I  Want Energy Flowing Through My
Body Like The Electricity In The
Wires Over Train Tracks
Happiness And Sadness Both Feel Like
They'll Never End!
This Time I'll Fall For
Myself. This Time I'll Give
Me Everything I Got.
May You Always Have The Courage To
Walk Away From Whoever Hurts You

I Don't Hate Love,
I Just Hate What Happens In The End
Attitude WhatsApp Status

No Friends
No Girlfriends
No Family Support
Hustle All Alone 24/7
If I Ever Fall In Love With You Again,
Make Sure You Make Me Feel,
Like It Was Worth Another Fall.
No More Ex
No More Next
Because Being
Single Is The Best 
Makeup Makes Women Better,
Breakup Makes Man Better.
If You Remeer Me,
I'll Never Forget You.
But If You ForgetMe!
"Who Are You?"
It Is Easy To Stand With
The Crowd
It Takes Courage To
Stand Alone
I Keep It Real
I'm Not Afraid Of Having
Act Like You Trust
But Do Not.
Life Isn't About Finding Yourself,
Life Is About To Creating Yourself
Understanding Is An Art,
And Not Evryone Is An Artist.
Love Me Or Hate Me
It's Your Choice
"I Don't Care"
I Can Be Mean As Fuck,
Sweet As Candy
Cold As Ice
Evil As Hell
Or Loyal Like A Solider,
It All Depends On You.
I Am A Odd
Combination Of
"Too Good"
"Too Worst"
I Talk To MySelf
I Love Dealing With A Top
Class Of People
Don't Beg Someone To
Stay In Your Life
If They Want, Welcome
Them And If Not
Just Kick Them Out Of
 Your Life
If They Need You Temporarily,
Ignore Them Permanently
Do A Favor To Yourself Stop
Being Available To People Evevrytime.
My Love Is
My Trust And Respect
Are Not

Whatsapp Status Images

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status

Love WhatsApp Status

Love WhatsApp Status

Love WhatsApp Status

Love WhatsApp Status

Love WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status Videos Download

When you like a WhatsApp status, you want to download it but you do not know how to download it. There are a lot of ways to download WhatsApp Status and we are going to tell you about methods.

Method 1 - You can download your favorite WhatsApp status via YouTube.
To download Whatsapp status from Youtube, you can download any video using apps such as Vidmate, SnapTube such as download. Can apply to your WhatsApp status.

Method 2- You can download "Hello App" for WhatsApp status images and videos, which you will get for free on PlayStore.
On this app, you will get a lot of WhatsApp status like WhatsApp status images, WhatsApp status videos and much more.

Method 3 - You can download the "TikTok App" for WhatsApp status videos, which you will get for free on PlayStore.
On this app, you will get Millions WhatsApp Status.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos & Photo

Sometimes when you are watching the Whatsapp status of your family and friends. And You like it So you want to download it on your phone but unable to download it. Because Whatsapp does not have the feature to download. But don't worry. We have a solution to this problem which we have given below.

Follow these steps to save WhatsApp Status

  1. First Open Google By Files app on your Mobile Phone, and click on the Three lines Icon top-left Side, and select Settings.
  2. Now You Will See "Show hidden files" Option Enable It.
  3. go back to the Google Files app's main menu and Click On Browse.
  4. Then Tap On Internal Storage
  5. Now go to the WhatsApp folder Then Media folder then click on".Statuses" Name Folder
  6. To save media files, long-press on them, and tap Copy. Now paste the media file in any folder of your choice in the phone storage.
By using this way, you will be able to save media files of WhatsApp status. This method allows you to open any WhatsApp status even if the WhatsApp status has been posted more than 24 hours.

Final Words

We hope you have liked this Article. We feel that we have provided you all the information that you want about "WhatsApp Status". if you have any questions or suggestions to add in this article then please tell us by commenting in the comment section. We will work on that and provide you more quality content. Thanks

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